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Dr. Adriana Candeias
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About me

Adriana Candeias is a functional medicine naturopath, a relationships and leadership coach and a authentic communication and mediation expert, with more nearly 20 years experience as a wellbeing and organisational consultant, researcher and trainer.

After pursuing an academic career in biology and statistics, Adriana trained at College of Practical Homeopathy under the supervision of Ellen Kramer, and went on to become a mentor, tutor and clinic supervisor of CPH students and graduates, assisting the College for BAC certification and developing the module Scientific Methods for Naturopaths aiming at establishing a publishable data collection system.  She applied her understanding of biological systems and the concept of sustainability to human health and has been helping people around the world establishing and maintaining holistic healthy habits and general wellbeing from her successful clinic in London and internationally.

Combining the modern medicine branch of Primal Health (as established  by Dr Michel Odent), gut and physiological syndrome diet (GAPSTM, Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride), and the ancient technology Kundalini Yoga traditional healing practices (Karam Kriya, Shiv Charan Singh), Adriana has designed a series of courses, supporting the continuous development of therapists on themes as modern toxicity and hormonal poising, the importance of factors for health during pregnancy and early years, the connection between pleasure and healing and the link between mental health and relationships.

Over the last decade, Adriana has trained in social and relational psychology, authentic relating, and high performance teams, supporting organisations as an executive leadership coach, in team building, productivity programmes and conflict resolution.  She is particularly passionate about the role of mothers in modern society, and created the WOMAN OF ME brand, leading an international community of entrepreneurial women, with and without children, of all ages, to their most authentic, intimate and empowered self.

Adriana has a highly engaging, generous, and thought-provoking leadership and teaching style, bringing a deep level of listening and creating strong psychological safety environments.  She helps clients communicating openly and taking on courageous shifts in their life style habits, to overcome their own health and emotional challenges.  Adriana is engaged in creating cultures of cooperation, individual expression and mutual trust with a profound respect and care for the human being as a whole.  She strongly believes a better world is possible through co-creating innovative and progressive learning environments.   

Her signature programme is the Authentic Woman System, designed to help creative entrepreneurial woman who feel stuck, aimless, and lifeless to discover their authentic self and create a life they feel passionate about.  (download the guide above)

Adriana is multilingual in English, Portuguese and Spanish and is used to working at a high level in these languages.  She also speaks Catalan fluently and basic French.  She often travels for work and consults internationally in front of the screen from her office or cosy living room  in North West London, where she lives with her daughter.


Adriana is a forward free-thinker, and a genuinely empathetic, intuitive practitioner. I have been very inspired for her knowledge and support in the choices I make for my family and myself. I would recommend her for her sensitivity, intelligence and non-judgemental complete openness as a consultant, which is rare and precious.

A. de Laage, cinema producer

When I first met Adriana I was looking for an alternative to allopathic medicine in dealing with my family’s health issues. In her I found someone I trust, who works with our strengths making us all healthier. Now, we are rarely sick, we look at health and illness in a different, responsible way. I can always count on Adriana to make me aware of all aspects of my health as well as challenging me to put important changes in place towards our wellbeing.

Angela Coelho, psychologist & family coach

Part witch, part doctor, part poet, part shapeshifter

Dominic Reza Zaerin, personal coach & Kundalini yoga teacher

I came to see Adriana to address my general well being, mainly affected by intestinal and gynaecological symptoms, which were not eased by pharmaceutical drugs. Her recommendations were well explained and easy to follow, and my questions were always answered clearly. I have kept the changes in diet she suggested since then. Some special moments of the therapy include her useful support in emotionally challenging times, as well as my recovery from most physical symptoms I initially presented. The knowledge Adriana possesses regarding the functioning of the body leads to our global holistic wellness.

Rita Castro, architect

It was great to meet Adriana and every session with her has been very informative, thorough and inspiring. I have since felt secure knowing that when needed, me and my family would get reliable advice which may be hard to find elsewhere. The scope of Adriana’s knowledge is extremely impressive, and comes across in a very holistic and accessible way that feels totally personalised to my needs. She is a very kind, generous and warmhearted person. I have recommended Adriana to many of my friends and family.

Ulla Gala, architect

I can’t tell you how much I have been enjoying life, love and work. It is like you’ve taken me apart, smoothed out all the bumpy bits and put me back together. Quite amazing!

Jo Taylor, business consultant

Adriana facilitated a space for me to perceive my own life and well being as a working ‘whole’. All aspects of my life were taken into consideration in a safe and non judgmental container where I could view myself objectively. My key experience of her therapy was crucially empowering. Adriana has a rare intrinsic sense of the ‘whole’ as mattering, which is vital in the healing process, no matter what the ailment…

Sinead Curran, fashion designer

To feed body, mind and soul… Adriana!!!

Oliver Giffin, choreographer and teacher

Meeting with Dr. A T Candeias guided me through my questions and helped me to have a perspective into my projects. Dr. A T Candeias recommended me effective remedies as well as books to read for further information, which were a valuable suggestion. I found a good listener and good advice which has guided me in the long term. I deeply recommend Dr. A T Candeias.

Gwenaelle Ambuhl, composer and musician

I have seen many practitioners in over 40 years seeking treatment long term underlying conditions, and it has been hard to find professionals whose prescribing adequately addresses the complex issues we face in our physical and emotional health. Thankfully naturopathy has moved on hugely in recent years and I believe complex prescriptions that treat all levels is the way forward. Adriana’s knowledge and prescribing are very solid, my chronic fatigue is improving and I have benefited enormously under her care. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Marianne Nichols, therapist