• Diet culture and immortality

    Is dieting another way of denying death?
    Or does it serve group bounding?
    Is it the new way of religious identity?

    I use diet merely from a therapeutic perspective.
    I have studied many different approaches and have not made an oath on any, which gives me the freedom to be creative and above all specific to my patients’ needs.
    I apply my knowledge in human and clinical physiology and my nutritional plans follow essentially organ support, cultural background and… palate.
    Food is suppose to be pleasurable.  If healthy, even better. And if curing, … the goal.
    I do not subscribe all opinions expressed in the present article.
    I do not agree with “Humans [to be] the only animals aware of [their] mortality”, for example.
    But it analysis our most prominent intellectual choices around what we eat, which is in fact … food for thought.