• The physiology of love and creating the best workplace on Earth

    In my “Oxytocin: the physiology of love” course for professionals, I go to great lengths to explain how physical wellbeing depends on our emotional environment, both internally and externally.

    If you are an employer who would like to grow your business in a sustainable way you must consider the relationship between joy, trust, and reward of your employees and your company productivity and stability.

    If you are an employee or self-employed professional, you may understand why it is so important to build and demand a work environment that not only feels good to be in but also allows your mind to expand, relax, evolve and create.

    The point is that our greatest body systems are all related and work together to achieve and maintain health.  In balance, our hormones and neurotransmitters work to keep metabolic processes, immune response and intellectual activity efficient, whilst providing us with the space and ability to be emotionally more capable.  We live in healthier bodies, we relate better to our fellow colleagues and neighbours, we see the world under a more positive, hopeful and unified perspective.

    Pragmatically, we are likely to identify problems and find solutions more effectively.  Which in turns compensates us with a higher sense of usefulness and purpose in life.

    Inserted in a nurturing environment under supportive working conditions, our needs are acknowledged and satisfied.  And our job does not need to be a chore but in fact one more daily activity where we can be healthier and connected.


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