• “Emotions, Symptoms and I in 2018” workshop

    Adriana is once again invited to present one of her workshops on holistic health.

    She will be in Lisbon immediately after New Year’s and this is a great opportunity to catch up with her work if you are in the country.

    This time, besides teaching the emotions associated with which particular organ in the body and offering reflection on how our feelings may be determining of physical sensitivities, she will be taking participants through gentle movement meditation to better integration of this knowledge.

    You will also learn the importance of addressing both mental well-being and specific behaviours to support recovery from chronic conditions and she will show you how to design short rituals to support your recovery and of your family.

    This workshop is open to all and will be taught in Portuguese with great incidence to music and group sharing.


    “Emoções, Sintomas e Eu em 2018”
    Workshop prático por Adriana Candeias.
    Lisboa, quinta-feira, 4 Janeiro, 18h-21h30

    O nosso bem estar físico depende do nosso bem estar emocional.
    Mas como aplicar este conhecimento para melhorarmos a nossa saúde geral?

    Seguindo o sucesso do workshop apresentado o ano passado em Lisboa, Adriana Candeias volta a levar-nos numa visita guiada onde o corpo, o intelecto e as emoções se encontram e através de exercícios ensinar-nos a olhar para o nosso corpo como uma fonte de saber contínuo sobre as nossas necessidades e os nossos desejos.

    Com ela iremos descobrir:
    – sentimentos associados a cada sistema do corpo
    – comportamentos que determinam fragilidades físicas específicas
    – sensações como uma bússola das nossas emoções
    – o nosso corpo como um amigo, sensual
    – como mover a energia no nosso corpo
    – um ritual para o nosso bem-estar e o das nossas famílias

    Com este workshop prático e com movimento, sairemos mais preparados para fazer de 2018 um ano mais saudável.
    Adriana alia as suas técnicas de terapia e coaching numa abordagem do prazer pelo movimento.
    A não perder!

    Data: Quinta-feira, 4 de Janeiro 2018
    Hora: 18h-21h30
    Localização: Lisboa – centro. A morada será confirmada após inscrição.

    – Early bird (antes de 15 de Dezembro) €27
    – Preço completo (depois de 16 de Dezembro) €37
    – Casais (depois de 16 de Dezembro) €57

    Reservas: Ângela Coelho

    (Por favor, pague com antecedência para lhe podermos enviar a localização do ateliê.)


    A Dr Adriana Candeias é a fundadora dos programas de coaching SET (Sustainable Empowering Transformations) e de saúde ASH (Applied Sustainable Health).
    Baseada em Londres e com uma longa experiência em investigação científica na área da eco-fisiologia, Adriana especializou-se em saúde primal, nutrição avançada e desenvolveu uma abordagem terapêutica natural única com surpreendentes resultados no apoio a complexos e inúmeros quadros clínicos crónicos.
    Adriana tem passado a última década a estudar a relação entre o corpo físico e emocional e o papel do prazer e da nossa sexualidade na nossa saúde em geral.
    Desenvolveu um programa de desenvolvimento pessoal exclusivo para mulheres “Women-of-Me”, oferece coaching para indivíduos e casais e é apaixonada pela introdução do movimento na transformação de processos emocionais.
    Hoje em dia, Adriana é procurada como consultora nas áreas empresariais aplicando os seus princípios holísticos no desenho de serviços com sucesso.
    Adriana organiza e facilita encontros com regularidade nos temas da sexualidade consciente e consciência expansiva em Londres. Amando este país, tenciona agora trazer esta experiência ao público lusitano.

  • The Women-of-me Workshop – Portugal


    – meet your authentic, empowered and intimate self –

    by Dr Adriana Candeias

    Intense and liberating workshop for the wise, abundant and sensual modern woman in you.
    Dec 1st-3rd
    Lisbon, Portugal.
    Guest teacher: Julian Marcus


    Can you speak your desires?
    Do you know what you need?
    Do you often think of others before yourself?
    Do you believe there is something powerful you can bring to the world but don’t know what?Do you feel you are one step from tapping into your potential?
    Whatever it is stopping you… it must get out of the way!

    You must meet your Women-of-Me.


    You feel there is something more;

    you ask questions;
    you find some answers;
    you feel the force;
    you freeze at applying it;
    you have ideas;
    you seek clarity;
    you feel there is something more;

    you sense your inner power;
    you desire to express (so much);
    you know grace and tenderness;
    you watch your presence;
    you expand;
    you are kind and care;
    you find your limitations unbearable;
    you feel there is something more;

    you crave the best of you; you wish to share;
    you wish to grow;
    you fear;
    you have shame;
    you have tears;
    you have amazing laughter;
    you cannot be small anymore;
    you know there is something more.

    WOM is your inner wisdom.
    Discover Her and allow Her to guide your way. This is a journey for women who cannot afford to stay in denial, ignorance or oblivion anymore.
    There is something more.  Within you.


    Adriana Candeias has designed this training as a personal development experience for women who wish to discover and embrace their feminine power in a truly holistic form. Apart from using thinking processes, we will practice, exercise and go through transitions where we encounter our own unique Women-Of-Me. As we see Her in her body and spirit, the transformation is carefully facilitated gradually, sequentially, ritualistically even, and cultivated within and by the group as a whole.



    In the course of two and a half days, we will go though three stages of personal development which should feel like a journey out of our vision and ideals, facing obstacles and unblocking our patterns, into project and actions.

    The programme also includes special seminars on:
    – Bodywork technique (with guest teacher Julian Marcus)
    – the healing processes and pleasure

    Within a very intimate and small women-only group, female body and sensuality are our central inspirations and we are taking this opportunity to talk and explore this special universe as much as our WOM needs and desires to.

    Places are limited.
    Reserve in advance to avoid disappointment.


    Friday, Dec 1st, 6pm-10pm
    Saturday, Dec 2nd, 10am-8pm
    Sunday, Dec 3rd, 10am-5:30pm

    Location: Lisbon (address details are provided upon registration)

    – €197 (early bird) until Nov 7
    – €247 (after Nov 8)

    Bookings: Julian Marcus

    (Healthy snacks and drinks will be provided. The price does not include meals, accommodation or travel)

    This workshop is included in Adriana’s Sustainable Empowering Transformations © coaching programme and entitles you to a 10% discount on all her other events/packages for 12 months.




    is the founder of Applied Sustainable Health (ASH), a therapeutic platform to support clients achieving and maintaining natural wellbeing. Following her exceptional success when applying tools such as advanced nutrition and energetic medicine to a vast range of chronic conditions, Adriana developed an unique approach which integrates the most recent findings in human science, the ancient medicinal paradigms and anthropological interpretations of tradicional societies merging her deep comprehension of biological and emotional processes and her client’s modern life style needs.

    She has gradually incorporated coaching techniques which confirm the link between mind and immune response and has created the Sustainable Empowering Transformations programme (SET), coaching clients holistically during the most important transition phases of life.

    Nowadays, Adriana is a highly sought after holistic therapist and coach for her insightful and research-based knowledge, intuition and creativity in guiding her clients transforming processes.

    She regularly offers CPD seminars to health professionals on forefront subjects such as the role of Oxytocin in healing and Primal Health, and facilitates transformative events for the wider community. Her favourite themes of action are personal development, creative relationships, female empowerment, career potential, conscious sexuality and expanded conscioussnes. Above all she likes to spread the belief that healing derives from pleasure.

    When she is not coaching, she may be preparing the world’s best sauerkraut or at a ritual gathering at sunset. Additionally to her nearly 20 years path on natural therapies, tradicional cooking, the Tao and Tantra Kundalini yoga, Adriana is daily inspired in her roles as a mother, friend, and partner.


    is a bodyworker therapist and teaches alchemy and embodiment practices.
    Since 2001 his passion is for conscious touch and trans-formative connection through massage, group work, conscious sexuality trainings.
    He is one of the directors of an online learning platform for health practitioners. The passion for this work over the years has lead to strong professional connections and collaborations with other facilitators including Adriana in a beautiful and synchronistic way.
    Hikari is a father and practices in Lisbon and Colares Portugal and London UK as well as offering online coaching.

  • Teaching with eHEALTH Learning

    Establishing genuine, meaningful and international collaborations.
    This is one of my visions for 2017 and it is happening here and now.
    Since January, I have been working with this fabulous team to bring some of my contents into their online education platform.
    Now, listed as one of their teachers, I am honoured and humbled to join these fabulous team of inspiring and leading authors.
    It is gorgeous to meet and associate in a community of members who ultimately believe in a better, healthier and more fulfilled world.
    As most of my work talks about health factors, human and environment connection, I must say that we must find ways to use the new digital technologies to best serve us.
    This is one of them.

  • Music and Mind – tools for Wellbeing

    Very interested in this. From personal experience, I use music as a mouldable tool to cheer me up, get me to certain mental moods, facilitate emotional expressive processes, trigger overall healing, as an intellectual activator, and a sound track of day-to-day activities.

    I have made my own tunes since I remember, and I use melodies and humming as a physical companion when I am lonely, cold, reflective or observant.
    Music is just another way of colouring the world for me.
    And in my workshops I carefully choose sounds and tunes to support and illustrate my exercises in coaching.


    So, this scientific conclusions don’t come as a surprise.
    Before, some astrologers would say my calling for the beauty of sounds derives from my Taurine / Sagittarius nature.
    Whatever explanation, sound frequencies shall not be ignored in wellbeing.

    At least, when silence is not enough…

    (check my playlists on the Resources page for Inspiration)


    Psycho-Acoustic Medicine: The Science of Sound In Producing Serotonin, Neurotransmitters & Health


  • New parents, life can be a little bit easier…

    Breastfeeding and sleeping are the most discussed themes with parents who seek my help to support their child’s health in their first year of life.

    Independently of the route parents chose, there is often a time that baby’s sleeping patters and eating habits do not make much sense. There are many reasons why this could be be happening and we try to identify and analyse them all.
    The strategy is always to integrate the needs of the baby with the physical and emotional ability parents have of respond to these.

    However, the struggles presented by new-born-mums (which extends to the other parent and through their following years at home) very often coincides with the decision of putting baby to sleep in a separate cot or bed. Too often.

    With our modern life styles this is not always easy, but I still observe that most anxiety, disturbed sleep and lack of satiation of breastmilk is resolved by prolonging co-sleeping.

    Life can be a little bit easier…

    Photos of Mammals Safely “Co-Sleeping” with Their Babies, As They’ve Done for Millions of Years