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    One year ago I decided to own my brand.


    Having been working under the name of Applied Sustainable Health for over 5 years, I realised I had extended my practice to an unique approach to health which included my own personal development at an incredible deep level.

    And according to my enquiries and questionnaires, that is exactly the reason why my clients seek my support.

    I am in extreme gratitude to all of those who have been tutoring, mentoring, coaching and cheering me on this journey.
    It has been an amazing year.

    So many losses, so many achievements. And in order to cope with the tumescence, I had to go into real mindfulness, stillness and attentiveness practice. This has been the year where all meditation and reflection skills have finally creep into my daily stance.

    I got the best logo I could ask for.
    I am just getting the website I needed (and about to launch).
    And in this learning, my patience has turned into love, which is here to be shared in the best way of my capacity.

    So when you LIKE ME, you may also share my page with your friends and spread the word. Perhaps little by little my work will reach more of you,… which I really really believe to be a good thing!