April 14th, Pleasure, Connection & Healing | all-day workshop

What are the real causes of disease?

  • How often we find ourselves doing everything ‘good’ and we still failed to be healthy?
  • Why does our emotional state affect our body so much?
  • How can I be well?

In the last decade, Adriana Candeias has supported clients with a wide range of chronic disease recovering through natural therapies.  Nevertheless, she observed that access to the right medicines and diet was not always enough.  Some times, not even essential.
Studying which factors promote wellbeing in depth, Adriana started introducing one more remedy in her prescriptions: Pleasure.  The results were impressing.

Adriana is here to demonstrate how our body benefits from “feel good” sensations, on a daily basis.  Furthermore, that we depende on them.

With her we will:

  • learn the real meaning of the word “Pleasure”
  • check our physical and emotional wellbeing in.
  • find holistic therapeutic tools we can all use at home
  • discover our desires and how important is to satisfy them
  • analyse tabus around indulgence, orgasm and gratification
  • acquire verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • expand methods of individual expression
  • develop our capacity to connect authentically with others.

Adriana is especially careful in creating safe spaces where participants feel at ease, accepted and relaxed to engage in reflection, discussion, expression and meditation within their needs of the moment.
Be prepared to move your body, sit on the floor and interact with others.

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Experiential workshop
Lisboa, Saturday, April 14th.

This workshop will be delivered in Portuguese.

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