Working Holidays:  Is This Happiness Strange?

Portuguese at my origins, the inevitability of holiday trips to visit family and friends takes me often to the light of Lisbon and the south Atlantic.

But I love my work, and ideas spring easily at new conversations, situations, questions.  Inspiration is everywhere and creativity does not go on breaks.  So, as I discovered some years ago, it is great to combine both.

From the early times as a graduating therapist giving consultations from different locations in Portugal, offering workshops on natural health for pregnant women and families, then as a tutor to students attending CPH’s course and more recently working with professionals and the regulatory bodies in the country, I have enjoyed merging both moods, the relaxed authentic and … nerdy manner.

We are working on bringing my extended Women-Of-Me workshops and Power Coaching retreats in the near future too.  Really, watch this space, as I will be bringing a fabulous team for this.

In the meantime, and whilst I am in Lisbon for NYE, nothing like starting 2017 with TWO intensive workshops.


“The real ache of a broken heart.”

Thursday, Jan 5th, 6:00 – 8:30 pm, Cascais.

An introductory workshop on the links between emotions and the physical body , it will be fun as we navigate within organs sensitivities and blocked feelings whilst discovering ways to support some health conditions by developing specific problem solving, expression of emotions, establishing boundaries and promote self-love.

Although the session won’t be therapeutic you will gather enough information to identify your particular mind/body links and start appreciating your body as a key to your inner emotional needs.

Reserve event with Ângela Coelho



“2017: one step to healthy relationships, nutrition and general being”

Saturday, Jan 7th, 3:00 – 6:00 pm, Lisbon.

This will be an informal presentation of my coaching strategies to keep track of our projects, unblocking obstacles and achieve our dreams, sooner than later, whilst attaining physical health  and connecting wonderfully with those around us.

Is this utopian? Not at all. And I will be sharing how to do it in one single step.
Lots of time for fun exercises and Q&A.

Reserve event with Ana Rosendo Cabral


Looking forward to seeing you in Lisbon or London.

In the meantime, have the most wonderful auspicious and healthy 2017!!!!