New parents, life can be a little bit easier…

Breastfeeding and sleeping are the most discussed themes with parents who seek my help to support their child’s health in their first year of life.

Independently of the route parents chose, there is often a time that baby’s sleeping patters and eating habits do not make much sense. There are many reasons why this could be be happening and we try to identify and analyse them all.
The strategy is always to integrate the needs of the baby with the physical and emotional ability parents have of respond to these.

However, the struggles presented by new-born-mums (which extends to the other parent and through their following years at home) very often coincides with the decision of putting baby to sleep in a separate cot or bed. Too often.

With our modern life styles this is not always easy, but I still observe that most anxiety, disturbed sleep and lack of satiation of breastmilk is resolved by prolonging co-sleeping.

Life can be a little bit easier…

Photos of Mammals Safely “Co-Sleeping” with Their Babies, As They’ve Done for Millions of Years