Women-Of-Me: fly, fly, swallow!

Tomorrow, I am facilitating a one-day workshop for women.

One of those things I am really passionate about. Get women together. And spend some time working on things together. Individually but collectively.
Oh, it is going to be delicious.

I find that I am finally transferring my intellectual/academic/rational focus onto my intuitive/holistic/emotional understanding of people. It feels so good.
As if once the verb is achieved, the truth lives in the feel.

And we will be dwelving in the truth of heart tomorrow, scrupulously with exercises, reflection, meditation.
And music.

We will be opening up the session with this tune.
It speaks about our different manifestations of Women, including as a swallow.

“When the incarcerated beast
Within us supersedes
Breaks the cage by herself
Fly fly wild one


ENGLISH (transl by me)

I planted the seed of the word
Before the flood kill my cattle
I taught my son to plough and harvest
on a neighbouring land
The word burst
Grew as the whale
In the silence of the full moon night
I saw seasons changing the gale blow
Shine the sun again over the bay
I was a good engineer a good beaver
Loved my beloved with love
I regret nothing
only life
Taught me to sing this song
Mother of us all
The wheat spike
Damn to tyrants
Lovely we praise you
you are more than one million years old

When the flare warms us
In the great Winter cold
A prayer comes to us
That from afar sounds like
A song

Magistrate Our natural
Healer of the afflicted
Lover of a thousand husbands
More than a million time gone

When the incarcerated beast
Within us supersedes
Breaks the cage by herself
Fly fly wild one
A swallow.

“Alegria da Criação”, by José Afonso

“Plantei a semente da palavra
Antes da cheia matar o meu gado
Ensinei ao meu filho a lavra e a colheita
num terreno ao lado
A palavra rompeu
Cresceu como a baleia
No silêncio da noite à lua cheia
Vi mudar estações soprar a ventania
Brilhar de novo o sol sobre a baía
Fui um bom engenheiro um bom castor
Amei a minha amada com amor
De nada me arrependo só a vida
Me ensinou a cantar esta cantiga
Mãe de todos nós
Flor da espiga
Maldita para tiranos
Amorosa te louvamos
tens mais de um milhão de anos

Quando o lume nos aquece
No grande frio de Inverno
Vem até nós uma prece
Que assim de longe parece
Uma cantiga

Magistrada Nossa natural
Curandeira dos aflitos
Amante de mil maridos
Há mais de um milhão de idos

Quando a fera encarcerada
Que dentro de nós suplanta
Quebra a gaiola sozinha
Voa voa endiabrada”
Uma andorinha.